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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)

Lore Lindu National Park Evaluates Community Conservation Agreements in Lore Piore and Lore Tengah, Central Sulawesi

2022 04 26 Workshop Evaluasi Kesepakatan Konservasi Masyarakat fa 2

The Lore Lindu National Park is currently engaging in a number of conservation partnerships with villages around the area through the Village Conservation Management Institute (Lembaga Pengelola Konservasi Desa – LPKD) formed by the village head. This conservation partnership is an arrangement that grants rights to various communities living around the Lore Lindu National Park in terms of access to and the collection of non-timber forest products (NTFPs), traditional farming and the utilization of environmental services. As of 2021, the Lore Lindu National Park Office had established a conservation partnership with 56 villages around the national park area.

In order to discuss these achievements, as well as various challenges that will have to be faced and plans for future activities, the Lore Lindu National Park Management held a workshop in order to evaluate the conservation agreements that were signed back in 2019. The event was opened by the Division Head of the National Park Management for Poso Region III, Mr. Eko Purwanto, S. Hut. and was held on 25 April 2022 in Lore Tengah, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi. During the workshop, evaluations were carried out in five villages in Central Lore District and four villages in Lore Piore District. These evaluations were aiming to determine developments and progress, as well as to identify problems and anticipate problem-solving initiatives as regards the implementation of community conservation partnerships.

The activities carried out by the LPKD in the wake of it receiving funding support have included the following:

  • Institutional Strengthening of various institutions, including meetings and regular meetings that discussed planned activities, the purchase of secretariat equipment and training sessions on institutional financial bookkeeping, as well as training in writing and documentation.
  • Economic Business Development, including the identification of non-timber forest product craftsmen; support for craftsmen working with rattan, forest pandanus and traditional weaved bracelets (Eha); the cultivation of freshwater fish and duck farming. This type of development also involves the collection of non-timber forest products, such as rattan, bamboo and forest pandanus as raw materials for handicrafts.
  • Area Management: including the construction of nurseries; the procurement of multi-functional plant seeds (durian, avocado, mangosteen, candlenut, rambutan, coffee, cocoa); and the development of nurseries for various plant species classified as non-timber forest products, such as rattan, pandanus and timber seeds.

The workshop also discussed ways of overcoming obstacles/challenges, as well as various follow-up plans, specifically:
1. Activation of the secretariat and revitalization of the management.
2. The Head of the Resort was asked to make a ranked presentation to the Lore Lindu National Park.
3. Increasing awareness among the general public through the dissemination of information about the Conservation Partnership programme.
4. Organization of regular training activities aimed at attracting the interest of the younger generation.
5. Seeking out of networks and marketing partners for non-timber forest products.
6. Identification of key products for joint marketing. One potential commodity that features widely across the Lore area is coffee. In this regard, GIZ is currently facilitating network marketing in conjunction with Catur Coffee.
7. Organization of a study tour to Yogya in order to study mushroom farming (as the area has a high potential in terms of the cultivation of mushrooms), as well as to learn traditional bracelet weaving (Eha).

For more information, please contact:
Fikty Aprilinayati, Advisor for Sustainable Forest Management and Biosphere Reserve Management
Ismet Khaeruddin, Senior Advisor for the Biodiversity Focal Point for the KFW Forest Program 3 and Provincial Coordinator for Central Sulawesi

Created: Wednesday, 25 May 2022

FORCLIME supports publication of research results from the Research and Development Center for Environment and Forestry in Manokwari, West Papua

2022 05 19 Hand overed Publication BP2LHK Manokwari mb 4

As a follow-up to discussions held last year, the Research and Development Center for Environment and Forestry (BP2LHK) in Manokwari has published recent research results on non-timber forest products. The published versions of these research results are being supported by FORCLIME and were handed over from the Programme Director for FORCLIME to the Head of BP2LHK, Mr. Solichin, SH., on 19 May 2022 at the BP2LHK office in Manokwari, West Papua. The results comprised a total of five publications with the following titles:
- Diversity of Flora in the Gunung Meja Natural Tourism Park, West Papua
- Masoi – Information on Research Results in the Land of Papua
- Ethnobotany of Forest Plants as Medicinal Plants in Papua
- Sago Plants (Metroxylon sago Rottb.) – Varieties in the Koyani demonstration plot and its production, and
- Ecotourism potential in Inamberi Arboretum, West Papua.

These books will be used as important resources during economic development and policymaking efforts and will support the ongoing process of sustainable forest management through various approaches, including the Social Forestry Scheme that is currently being implemented across West Papua.

For more information, please contact:
Melanesia Brigite Boseren, Junior Adviser for Rural Livelihood, Forest Management and Conservation
Nita Yohana, Adviser for Sustainable Forest Management and Coordinator for West Papua Province
Mohammad Sidiq, Strategic Area Manager for Sustainable Forest Management and Coordinator for Papua and West Papua Provinces

Created: Saturday, 21 May 2022

GIZ Country Director Visits West Kalimantan During Preparation of Green Climate Fund Project

2022 05 18 visit of COI to WestKal

GIZ Country Director for Indonesia, ASEAN and Timor Leste, Martin Hansen, accompanied by both FORCLIME Director, Georg Buchholz and the FORCLIME Jakarta team, visited Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province on 17 - 18 May 2022. The visit included a coordination and cooperation meeting with the Governor of West Kalimantan which addressed the preparation of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) project, which has received support from the GCF Secretariat.

The delegation was received by the Governor of West Kalimantan, Mr. Sutarmidji, SH, M. Hum., in his office, who was accompanied by the Provincial Secretary, Dr. Harisson M.Kes., the Head of the Environment and Forestry Service, Ir Adiyani MH and Economic Advisor, Prof. Dr. Eddy Suratman, MA., as well as a lecturer and climate change expert from the Faculty of Forestry at Tanjungpura University, Prof. Dr. Gusti Hardiansyah MSC QAM IPU. During the meeting, plans were discussed for cooperation concerning the implementation of climate finance projects and information on development priorities within the province of West Kalimantan, particularly concerning forestry and natural land resource management as part of the activity programme plan that was outlined in a recent Green Climate Fund proposal.

The Governor of West Kalimantan affirmed the focus and commitment of the West Kalimantan Provincial Government in relation to the development of programmes that will hopefully operate in harmony while protecting the environment, and also emphasized programmes that will improve the welfare of the community. The governor also stressed the importance of synergy between the relevant stakeholders during efforts aimed at achieving the village community welfare target, as signposted through various indicators that are being implemented under the Developing Village Index (Indeks Desa Membangun), which is looking to generate more advanced, independent villages. In addition, the assembled parties also discussed various issues relating to climate change adaptation and mitigation, including the development and marketing of superior regional products.

During the visit, another meeting was also held with the Environment and Forestry Service and was attended by the West Kalimantan REDD+ Working Group. Led by the Head of the Environment and Forestry Service, the meeting began by introducing the West Kalimantan team, which was followed by an address given by the Director of FORCLIME that touched on various technical matters relating to the preparation period prior to implementation. Said technical matters included the implementation of a feasibility study and the preparation of a full proposal aimed at securing input on the planned program of activities.

The delegation then paid a visit to the West Kalimantan KPH Gallery, which is promoting non-timber forest products produced through the Forest Management Unit and Social Forestry programme. The first day’s session ended with a tree planting session (Agathis sp) which was held at West Kalimantan’s provincial city park area.

On the second day, the delegation visited the GIZ project office in West Kalimantan before meeting with the Faculty of Forestry at Tanjungpura University. The group was received by the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, Dr. Farah Diba and the meeting was held in the Sylva Arboretum and addressed the management of the forest arboretum, which is located in the center of the provincial capital and is currently being managed by forestry students. The attendees also exchanged information on forest management with an eye on improved forestry development across the province of West Kalimantan.

For more information, please contact:
Dwi Wahyu Asti, Environment and Forestry Service of West Kalimantan Province
Jumtani, Advisor for Sustainable Forest Management and GCF Focal Point
Wandojo Siswanto, Strategic Area Manager for Forest Policy and Climate Change

Created: Friday, 20 May 2022

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