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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)


FORCLIME gears up to assist with social forestry activities within West Papua Province

2021 06 21 Narasumber lokakarya PS PSKL Maluku Papua melan

The Center for Social Forestry and Environmental Partnership (BPSKL) for Maluku and the Papua Region held a workshop for social forestry facilitators working in Papua and West Papua Provinces in Sorong City, West Papua from 10 – 12 June 2021. During the event, FORCLIME, as one of the official resource parties, was invited to share its experiences on “The Role of Community Facilitators Based on Non-Timber Forest Product Businesses”. The Strategic Area Manager for Sustainable Forest Management, Mohammad Sidiq, made a presentation during which he addressed the various tasks and functions of the social forestry facilitators before and after the relevant permits were obtained by social forestry groups. FORCLIME also shared its varied experiences during its support for phase 3 of the social forestry programme in Kalimantan and Palu.

In implementing the program in West Papua, FORCLIME 4.0 is ready to support the preparation of a Social Forestry roadmap, empowering community groups in pilot villages in FORCLIME’s working area, developing the use of non-timber forest products, as well as disseminating information relating to Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number 9 of 2021 on Social Forestry Management.

“I am happy with the presentation because it offers hope and encouragement to our business group. It has also offered us advice regarding our organization’s function and what areas need to be strengthened. Based on this presentation, we now have a better picture of the training that we have already completed, as well as the training that we still need to implement,” explained Arkilaus Kladit, a local champion from the village of Sira in Saifi District, South Sorong Regency, after listening to the various shared experiences that were presented by FORCLIME.

For further information regarding FORCLIME's support for social forestry in West Papua Province, please contact:
Melanesia Boseren, Junior Adviser for Forest Management and Conservation
Mohammad Sidiq, Strategic Area Manager for Sustainable Forest Management

Created: Monday, 14 June 2021

The West Kalimantan government prepares regulation on MRV


The Environment and Forestry Service of West Kalimantan led a meeting to discuss preparation for developing regulation on Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) on 6 May 2021 at the Secretariat of REDD+ Working Group in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The meeting, supported by FORCLIME, was attended by representatives from universities, local NGOs, provincial government officials. The prepared regulation is an effort to support the emission reduction target in West Kalimantan as contribution to supporting the achievement of the Indonesian contribution (NDC). Additionally, the under-preparation regulation will be used as a guideline for the Provincial REDD+ working group to monitor and control activities related to REDD+ that implemented by stakeholders.

The meeting agreed to finalize the regulation draft by July 2021, which then will be consulted with the Provincial Legal Bureau to refining the wordings prior to formalize as the governor regulation.

For more information, please contact:
Jumtani, Technical Adviser for GCF in West Kalimantan
Yenny, S.Hut, MT, Head of Unit PPLH, Environment and Forestry Service/REDD+ Task Force
Wandojo Siswanto, Manager in forestry Policy and Climate Change

Created: Thursday, 06 May 2021

FORCLIME supports the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to evaluate the Young Professional Forester programme 2021

2011 Forest Inventory in Kapuas Hulu by Dominik Schwab

With the purpose of evaluating the implementation of the Young Professional Forester (Bakti Rimbawan) Programme, including its challenges, The Center for Planning and Development of Human Resources (Pusrenbang) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry invited FORCLIME to work together to evaluate the Bakti Rimbawan Programme, a recruitment programme for alumni of Forestry Vocational High Schools and university graduates (forestry and non-forestry) to be placed in the Forest Management Units (KPH) throughout Indonesia with the aim to support the implementation of the KPH’s forest management plan. The programme was initiated in 2013 with the intention of assisting KPHs in meeting the needs of reliable and professional human resources. This initial meeting on April 22, 2021, conducted online and offline, was discussing the evaluation plan, including secondary data collection and analysis and interviews with stakeholders.

Information to be collected includes:
a. Bakti Rimbawan's achievements and contributions, both as a programme and individually.
b. Mapping of priority activities carried out by Bakti Rimbawan participants at KPHs
c. The implications of the implementation of the government regulation (PP 23) related to shifting the KPH’s main tasks and functions towards the Bakti Rimbawan programme.
d. Strategies for fulfilling human resource needs at the KPHs after the Omnibus law of job creation, which are related to the course of human resource needs and financing sources.

"The evaluation result is expected to provide exit strategy options for the Bakti Rimbawan Programme", said Dr. Iwan Setiawan, the Head of Planning, Development and Evaluation of Human Resources for Non-Apparatus Environment and Forestry.

The meeting also discussed plans to document the achievements and lessons learned from the Bakti Rimbawan programme implementation in a story telling book.

Follow-up of the meeting is the implementation of evaluation which is planned to be conducted in June - July 2021.

For more information, please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic area manager for human capacity development
Wira Hakim, Junior adviser for human capacity development

Created: Tuesday, 04 May 2021

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