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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)


Disseminating information on the empowerment programme to the Forest Farmer Groups of Emaus and Bikar villages in West Papua

2022 06 20 Socialisation on Social Forestry and FPIC Process in West Papua mb 5

In order to continue with the dissemination of information on community empowerment plans for the social forestry programme within the West Papuan villages of Emaus and Bikar, the FORCLIME team, together with representatives from the West Papua Provincial Forestry Service and KPHP IV Tambrauw, visited the two villages in question on 15 – 20 June 2022. The visit aimed to publicize information regarding the programme plan that will be jointly implemented by FORCLIME, the West Papua Provincial Forestry Service and KPHP IV Tambrauw within both villages. The visit also sought to seek approval from the holders of customary rights, village heads, customary groups, religious leaders, youth leaders, women leaders and members of the Forest Farmers Group (KTH) as regards the implementation of the programme.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Yunus W. Krey, S.Hut, M.Si as Head of the Division for Forest Development and Social Forestry at the West Papua Provincial Forestry Service, who then went on to socialize the social forestry scheme. Mr. Yunus explained that social forestry comprised a scheme through which communities are able to manage forests sustainably in order to fulfill their daily needs. Furthermore, KTH have already been established in two villages, namely KTH Syudouw in Bikar and KTH Sunju in Emmaus. However, social forestry area managers have not yet been registered on the Indicative Map of Social Forestry Areas (PIAPS).

Nita Yohana from FORCLIME, in her role as Coordinator for West Papua Province, outlined the various activities that are set to be implemented in the hope of increasing the forest management capacities of the KTH through the social forestry programmes. The district and village heads, the Head of the Abun Tribe Customary Community Institution and various customary Leaders also offered a few words affirming their support for this valuable programme.

As a follow-up, village facilitators will develop a group work plan with KTH members and initiate the implementation of the programme.

“I am thankful for this programme and I hope that we follow up on it together. The facilitators will be coordinating with the group every day”, explained Mr. Wehelmus Yesnath, the Head of Kampung Bikar.

For more information, please contact:
Melanesia Brigite Boseren, Junior Advisor for Rural Livelihood, Forest Management and Conservation
Mohammad Sidiq, Strategic Area Manager for Sustainable Forest Management and Coordinator for Papua and West Papua Provinces

Created: Thursday, 14 July 2022

Coordination with the West Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center for the implementation of the 2022 programme

2022 06 14 Koordinasi meeting untuk implementasi program tahun 2022 ny

The West Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center and FORCLIME drew up a joint work plan for 2022 towards the end of the final quarter of last year. In order to coordinate in relation to the implementation of the activities set out under the 2022 annual work plan, a meeting was held at the office of the West Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) on 14 June 2022. The meeting, chaired by Mr. Budi Mulyanto, S.Pd., M.Sc., acting Head of the West Papua BBKSDA, aimed to set priorities for the implementation of various joint activities.

During the meeting, the BBKSDA proposed the following priorities in terms of the implementation of activities:
1. Support for the preparation of the West Papua Conservation Area book.
2. Support for the monitoring and inventory taking of priority animals within the Bariat Nature Park in South Sorong.

The proposed activities comprise:

  • Training of West Papua BBKSDA staff on mammal survey methods, especially the Irian porcupine (Echidna/Zaglossus bruijnii). This mammal, which is known as the long-snout porcupine or the Irian porcupine, is very rare. The conservation status of this animal is categorized as critically endangered and is listed under Appendix 1 of the IUCN.
  • Secondary and primary data collection on the Irian porcupine.

3. Support for inventory activities and identification of potential carbon stocks in the forests of the North Tambrauw Nature Reserve.

Required support includes:

  • Capacity building for West Papua BBKSDA staff in relation to carbon assessments.
  • Ground checking for carbon data collection.

4. Support for conservation area management, specifically monitoring activities that are undertaken through the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) approach. Said support for this year will be implemented in October 2022. Therefore, the West Papua BBKSDA hopes that before October 2022, a program of METT Facilitator Capacity Building training can be completed.

As a follow-up to this coordination meeting, terms of reference have been prepared for each activity in order to estimate a schedule for the implementation of activities in addition to the relevant budget estimates.

For more information, please contact:
Nita Yohana, Adviser for Sustainable Forest Management and Coordinator for West Papua Province
Mohammad Sidiq, Strategic Area Manager for Sustainable Forest Management and Coordinator for Papua and West Papua Provinces

Created: Thursday, 14 July 2022

FORCLIME supports CEFET in assessments of digital literacy

2022 07 06 Workshop E Learning Survey Digital Competency wh 2

One type of assistance that is being provided in relation to e-learning development within the Center of Environment and Forestry Education and Training (CEFET) and the Environment and Forestry Education and Training Center (BDLHK) by FORCLIME and Common Sense are digital literacy assessments of CEFET and BDLHK employees. In this regard, a survey was undertaken in June 2022 with target respondents representing widyaiswara (trainers), structural officials, functional employees of Learning Technology Developers, Learning Management System (LMS) admins and admins of training providers. The purpose of the survey was the measurement of respondents’ digital competence as regards the implementation of their duties in relation to eLearning development. On 6 July 2022, an online workshop was held in order to present the results of this digital literacy assessment.

The meeting was opened by the Head of CEFET, Mrs. Dr. Ir. Kusdamayanti, M.Si., who stated that the eLearning development cooperation with FORCLIME and several other institutions that was initiated back in 2014 has provided many benefits, particularly in relation to the ongoing pandemic, and has meant that CEFET has been able to continue to perform its duties in relation to human resources development activities through processes of eLearning. The CEFET eLearning team, represented by Mr. Erfan Noor Yulian, then delivered a presentation that addressed the most recent updates on eLearning conditions, including the various challenges and obstacles that are being experienced.

The main session of the workshop comprised a presentation of the assessment results, which was delivered by Mr. Wahyu Supartono from Common Sense. Based on the assessment results, the Common Sense team has offered a number of recommendations in relation to the following areas:
1) List of training required by each target group.
2) Workflow for the implementation of training through eLearning
3) Tools that can be used to maximize eLearning, including authoring tools such as Articulate Rise and Adapt, as well as video tools such as Vyond.
4) Development of the Content Creation Team unit and staff regeneration in relation to several positions.
5) Hardware and software capable of supporting eLearning programmes.

In addition, LMS maintenance is also expected to be further improved through the addition of staff responsible for the Learning Management System.

For more information, please contact:
Wira Hakim, Advisor for Human Capacity Development
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager for Human Capacity Development

Created: Wednesday, 06 July 2022

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