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FMU Berau Barat coordinates synergies with its partners

The management of the Production Forest Management Unit (FMUP) Model Berau Barat conducted a coordination meeting with its partners on 14 April 2016 in Tanjung Redeb, Berau, East Kalimantan. The objective of the meeting was to obtain information on activities implemented by both FMUP Berau Barat and its partners, and to synergize the activities of partners with the management plan of FMUP Berau Barat, including opportunities for cooperation within the 2016 work plan. Besides FORCLIME, other partners of FMUP Berau Barat include local NGOs (the Wallacea Integrated Operations, Bestari, Menapak, Payau-payau, Kanopi), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and the REDD+ Working Group of Berau District. This meeting was held by FMUP Berau Barat in cooperation with GIZ FORCLIME.

During his speech, the Head of FMUP Berau Barat, Armilan Saidi S.Hut, MP., recalled the vision and mission of FMUP Berau Barat to optimize potentials for environmental services and non-timber forest products, such as wild honey, herbal tea (tea mangar) and swallow’s nests collection. These non-timber forest products can benefit both FMUP Berau Barat itself and the communities in its surrounding.

FORCLIME’s supports to FMUP Berau Barat include enhancement of human resources and institutional capacities, development of a business plan, anticipation of early warning systems and prevention of forest and land fires, land tenure conflict resolution, and preparation for forest reference emission levels (FREL).

In the future, this meeting will be held periodically in order to enable better coordination and synergies between FMUP Berau Barat and its partners, and to achieve the vision and mission of FMUP Berau Barat as an independent institution for sustainable forest management.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi: 
Alfan Subekti, Strategic Area Manager FMU development, Samarinda 
Suprianto, Technical Advisor for FMU development, Berau 
Budi Susanto, Technical Adviser (GIS) Berau

Training Centre of Environment and Forestry prepares eLearning development strategy

The Human Resource Training Center of Environment and Forestry (Pusdiklat LHK) conducted a workshop on strategy development for eLearing from 2 – 4 May in Bogor. The workshop aimed at reviewing the implementation of eLearning development and to formulate strategies for future eLearning implementation. 40 people representing structural officials and trainers from Pusdiklat LHK and the Training Agency of Environment and Forestry (BDLHK) participated in the workshop.

During the opening of the workshop, the Head of Pusdiklat LHK emphasized the importance of legislation related to eLearning as a reference and legal basis for its application. Furthermore, the Head of Planning, Evaluation and Development of eLearning in Pusdiklat LHK, Ir. Agus Widoyoko, announced that, due to budget decreases for training activities in 2017, eLearning can be one solution to provide high quality training despite budget constraints. In addition eLearning can accelerate the achievement of Pusdiklat LHK’s performance indicators (IKK) to train 50,000 people over the next five years.

GIZ FORCLIME has been cooperating with AIZ, a GIZ training institution, for mentoring eLearning development in Pusdiklat LHK since September 2014. The workshop is part of AIZ’s exit strategy in the training center, as AIZ support to Pusdiklat LHK will end at the end of 2016. Some achievements of this cooperation include: completion of four blended learning modules; testing of the blended learning method; establishment of a eLearning team; strengthening the capacity of structural officials, lecturers and staff related to eLearning; and establishment of eLearning networks.

For further information, please contact:
Suherdi, Team eLearning Pusat Diklat SDM LHK
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager, Human Capacity Development FORCLIME

Coordination meeting to anticipate control of forest and land fires in FMU Berau Barat

A coordination meeting for early warning and prevention of forest and land fires in the Production Forest Management Unit Berau Barat (KPHP Berau Barat) was conducted on 19 April 2016. The meeting was organized by the KPHP Berau Barat itself, the Berau District Forestry Service and in collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME. The multi-stakeholder coordination meeting involved the following actors: KPHP Berau Barat, the Berau District Forestry Service, the Meteorology and Climate Agency of Berau (BMKG), the Berau Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), the Agricultural and Plantation Service of Berau District, local NGOs, and forest concession holders (IUPHHK HA) within the area of KPHP Berau Barat.

According to the Head of the Berau Forestry Service, Suhandri Sabran, the purpose of this meeting was to communicate and coordinate, as well as to explore synergies in land and forest fire management, including information sharing among programmes and activities of all stakeholders with regard to fire control. Moreover, representatives from BMKG explained that in late 2015 Berau District was heavily effected by smoke from land and forest fires that disrupted both the health of Berau citizens and transport in the district. Based on rainfall data and dry season forecasts for July-August-September, the threat of forest fires still continues to exisit in 2016. In this context, a representative from BPBD Berau also announced the district’s Task Force on Land and Forest Fire that was established following Presidential Decree No. 11 2015.

Outcomes from the discussion include the agreement to continue coordination and involvement of all parties, dissemination of information on forest and land fires to communities, improvement of facilities for land and forest fires management, financial support for the planned activities, as well as the development of standard operating procedures for forest fire management.

For further information, please contact:
Alfan Subekti, Strategic Area Manager FMU development, Samarinda
Suprianto, Technical Advisor for FMU development, Berau
Budi Susanto, Technical Adviser for GIS, Berau


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