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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)


Forest and Land Fire Prevention - Field Information Campaign

Campaign on fire prevention

In July 2018 the Forest Management Unit (FMU) of Kapuas Hulu Utara in West Kalimantan and FORCLIME TC conducted a campaign for forest and land fire prevention.

During the dry season from May to September, Forest Management Units in Indonesia are required to inform the rural population about forest and land-fire prevention and to monitor compliance with forestry legislation.

Considering the Asian Games, which will take place from 18 August, the prevention of forest and land fire is currently of particular importance: Air traffic in Indonesia should not be impaired by the formation of smoke from major slash-and-burn operations.

Therefore, the FMU Kapuas Hulu Utara set up information panels regarding forest and land fire prevention in the immediate vicinity of the village administrations and along roads in 17 villages of Embaloh Hulu and Lanyak counties. This should hold primarily farmers -who practice slash-and-burn management – to reduce the amount of slash during the dry season to a minimum.

The FMU Kapuas Hulu Utara and FORCLIME work closely with the village leaders to ensure a positive response from the population. Furthermore, the FMU Kapuas Hulu Utara documented burned areas on critical land surfaces.

Further information campaigns in five other districts are planned until the end of August.

For more information, please contact:
Moritz Zetzmann, Development Adviser for Forest Management Unit

Created: Wednesday, 01 August 2018

Approved! Betung Kerihun Danau Sentarum Kapuas Hulu as a new Biosphere Reserve

Kapuas Hulu BR

Since July 25th, the Betung Kerihun Danau Sentarum Kapuas Hulu is part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserve (WNBR) as it has been approved as a new biosphere reserve in the 30th Session of the International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme UNESCO on 23 to 28 July in Palembang, South Sumatra.

On his remarks, the Regent of Kapuas Hulu expressed his expectation that the status not only conserves two national parks, Betung Kerihun and Danau Sentarum, but also can give positive impact to the improvement of local people's welfare at Kapuas Hulu Regency.

Kapuas Hulu Regency is located in West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, and has been designated as Conservation Regency since 2003. 65% of the region covers with forests: conservation, protected, production forests. More than two hundred thousand people are dependent to forests. The locals make a living from the eco-tourism, non-timber forest products such as agarwood, wild honey, arowana fish. FORCLIME has been supporting sustainable forest management related activities in Kapuas Hulu district since several years.

For more information, please contact:
Jumtani, West Kalimantan Province Coordinator
Klothilde Sikun, Kapuas Hulu District Coordinator

Created: Thursday, 26 July 2018

FORCLIME at the International Biosphere Reserve Conference in Palembang, South Sumatra

Biosphere reserve conference 

The 30th Session of the Man and the Biosphere Programme International Co-ordinating Council (MAB-ICC) UNESCO is conducted from 23 to 28 July in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. During the event, FORCLIME presents supporting the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve, one of biosphere reserves in Indonesia, which located in Central Sulawesi, on the exhibition as the side event of the conference. The booth presents activities implemented within the biosphere reserve area, including products such as chocolate bars and coffee that produced by women groups and the forest management unit, respectively.

Additionally, one of FORCLIME Senior Adviser, Dr. Ismet Khaeruddin, presented his paper ‘Community Empowerment towards Sustainable Resources Management’ on the first day of the international conference.

For more information, please contact:
Ismet Khaeruddin, Senior Adviser on Biodiversity Conservation

Created: Wednesday, 25 July 2018