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FORCLIME supports e-learning training for forestry vocational school teachers in Kadipaten

To support the development of e-learning, the forestry vocational school (SMKK) in Kadipaten, in collaboration with the e-learning team from the Centre for Education and Training of Human Resources (CFET), Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and FORCLIME held a basic training on e-learning for SMKK teachers in Kadipaten - West Java on 15 to 16 October 2015. The training was attended by 18 teachers of SMKK Kadipaten, and facilitated by trainers from the e-learning team in CFET, as well as FORCLIME advisors.
This activity, which was initiated under the Ministry for Education and Culture’s plan to increase field practice for SMKK students and reduce the time spent in classrooms, had the immediate purpose of improving the learning processes in SMKKs by using e-learning technology. Therefore, the Kadipaten forestry vocational school plans to develop e-learning as a technology to deliver lessons to students during their field practices (off campus).

The participants in the training were very enthusiastic to practice the preparation of teaching materials using e-learning technology, especially as the software is free, user-friendly, and does not require high technical computer specifications.
The development of e-learning based teaching modules will continue in 2016 in order to create complete, interesting and interatice modules for the students.

For further information, please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager for Human Capacity Development

Discussing the implications of Law 23/2014 on the organization of forestry service

To gain a better understanding about the Law 23/2014 on Regional Governments and its implications, the East Kalimantan Provincial Forestry Service in collaboration with FORCLIME held a focused group discussion (FGD) on 6 October 2015 in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The event was attended by representatives of government organizations in East Kalimantan, including the district/ city forestry service, the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda), the Organization Bureau as well as the Legal Bureau of the Province Government Secretariat.

The issuance of Law 23/2014 is going to lead to some significant changes at district level such as, for instance, the revocation of authorities for those district development aspects with broader implications and the need for integrated management. Under Law 23/2014 these items will come under provincial authority.

In the forestry sector, district governments are currently intensively establishing Forest Management Units (FMU), which until now had been registered as Technical Implementation Units (UPT) under the district forestry service. With the dissolution of district forestry services as a result of Law 23/2014, the position of FMUs – both related to budgeting and organization – is not well-defined any more and needs to be reformulated.

During the FGD, participants discussed various issues related to the implications of the Law 23/2014 on forest management and governance in East Kalimantan, and endeavored to find solutions and propose them to the local and central governments.

For further information, please contact:
Tunggul Butar Butar, Senior Adviser for Forest Management Unit development

FORCLIME financial cooperation module facilitates the preparation of participatory land use planning in North Kalimantan

With the aim to establish a mutual understanding on Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP), the District Forest Service of Malinau and FORCLIME financial cooperation (FC) conducted a training on PLUP in Pujungan sub-District of Malinau District in September 2015. The training was followed by simultaneous facilitation of PLUP preparation in 15 villages in Malinau. The facilitation was carried out by trained village facilitators and field guides, as well as technical personnel of FORCLIME FC.

The facilitation process was organized in several steps. First, the dissemination of information about PLUP in 15 villages, second a review of potential villages that had been identified previously. Next, the establishment of a PLUP team at each village with the task to take coordinate points and assist in technical issues related to PLUP implementation.

According to Oeban Hadjo, a FORCLIME FC technical expert, "PLUP will assist communities to be more effective in formulating land-based development programs at the village level".

As a result of the PLUP facilitation a “Village Priority Programme Plan on Village Land Use” has been drafted that will be used for forest management activities in the villages (long-term investments).

For further information, please contact:
Indah Astuti , FORCLIME FC forestry expert of the District Project Management Unit (DPMU)
Rudi Sugih Arto , FORCLIME FC adviser for REDD+


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