Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

The Betung Kerihun National Park (BKNP) management signed an MoU on collaborative management with the representatives of five Ketemenggungan (Dayak sub-tribe institutions) adjacent to the conservation areas to conserve the park areas and biodiversity resources. This collaboration is necessary to cope with continuous challenges faced by the national park.

In order to support capacity building of involved parties, FORCLIME facilitated a training on Participatory Conservation Planning (PCP) for technical and field staff of the BKNP, the forest management unit of Kapuas Hulu (KPH Kapuas Hulu) and Sebatopa, representatives from the five Ketemenggungan. The 37 participants are going to conduct a consultation at their respective institutions/sites following the training. For the consultation, they will apply the PCP’s 6S tool to evaluate the following aspects: System i.e. conservation targets; Stress - the condition or viability of the conservation targets; Sources being factors affecting stress for the conservation targets; Strategy - what should be done to improve or maintain the condition of the conservation targets and to eliminate threats or source of stress; Stakeholders being persons or parties who can support strategy implementation as well as conservation beneficiaries; and Success - the indicator for improved condition of the conservation target, threat elimination and capacity to implement the conservation strategy.

The results from this consultation conducted at the respective institutions/sites, are going to be presented by every training participant. By that, they will share their experiences and learn from each other with regards to applying the PCP’s 6S tool.

The BKNP manager, Arif, is very supportive of this training and the follow up planning. He expects results from the field practices will become valuable inputs for BKNP management to develop a master plan for community development. Every national park has to have a master plan for community development, including BKNP.

For further information, please contact:
Ismet Khaeruddin, strategic area manager for biodiversity conservation and protected areas
Kartika Karlina, adviser for biodiversity conservation


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