Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

During its planning preparation, FORCLIME technical and financial cooperation put into account suggestions proposed by the local community if the ideas are long term investments. One of suggestions from the local communities are to improve their capacity in patrolling in order to enhance capability for preventing illegal activities as well as monitoring the biodiversity in Tana Olen. This community based forest patrol will be undertaken by the community group for forest management (Kelompok Masyarakat Pengelolaan Hutan - KMPH) at 12 villages in Bahau Hulu and Pujungan sub districts of Malinau district

Therefore, the KMPH members were trained for three days in order to have a better understanding on the concept of community based patrol, monitoring the biodiversity, law and regulations and customary law as well. In addition, the KMPH members were also introduced to report preparation and using relevant tools.  The resource persons and facilitator on this meeting were experts from the District Project Management Unit (DPMU), the National Park of Kayang Mentarang, GFA _a consulting company) and GIZ FORCLIME.

At the end of the training period, most of villages were ready to carry out patrolling at the forest of tana olen. The implementation of the patrol will be monitored in order to obtain lessons that will be used for improvement for the following implementation. Furthermore, FORCLIME is expected to support the facilitation processes in preparing the local regulation concerning natural resources management at the two sub districts.

For more detail information, please contact:
Indah Astuti – forest expert at the DPMU Malinau
Ismet Khaeruddin, Strategic Area Manager for Biodiversity and Management of Protected Areas


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