From 25 January to 6 February a group of 16 managers and trainers from Indonesia’s forestry training institutions and experts from the Forestry Ministry’s Human Resource Development Agency are attending a tailor-made management training in Bonn, Germany. The programme designed by GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation not only includes interactive learning sessions in the classroom, but also expert dialogues with managers of German training institutions and human resource developers in the forest sector. Learning about and discussing arrangements for forestry education and training to meet the needs of forest management and administration in Germany will inspire participants to reflect challenges and to further develop approaches for human resource development and capacity building in Indonesia specifically with a view to supplying the emerging Forest Management Units (FMU) with qualified personnel. “The training will support us in our mission to strengthen the national and regional forestry training institutions”, says Dr. Agus Justianto, Director of the Ministry’s Center for Forestry Education and Training, “and to commit to our shared vision of moving from standard to excellence in training design and delivery”.