Starting July and August 2012 two technical advisors or development advisors from Germany will support the local government of Berau district in the field of Community-Based Forest Management and Geographic Information Systems. The head of the local forestry service, Mr. Darwis Syukur, warmly welcomed the two new experts, Mr. Manuel Haas and Mr. Benjamin Korff, at a first meeting on 09th of July.

As part of the FORCLIME Programme, the two experts will be supporting the programme activities in Berau, by providing training and advisory services and helping to design and conduct activities together with the local government agencies, mainly the local forestry service. They will especially support the development of REDD Demonstration Activities and the establishment of Forest Management Units (FMU). The two experts will be living and working in Berau district for at least two years.

The long-term deployment of European development advisors that work and live closely embedded in local structures of developing countries is a special instrument of the German Technical Cooperation  and supported by the Specialised Business Unit “Development Service” of GIZ. The aim of the deployment of development advisors is to provide technical advisory services and to promote international learning and intercultural understanding.