From 21 March to 10 April FORCLIME is conducting a socio-economic survey of 16 forest villages in the surroundings of the Forest Management Unit (FMU) Berau Barat and planned REDD+ Demonstration Activities. The survey will collect data on: (1) the level of community well-being; (2) social data related to gender; (3) public perception on forests and REDD; and (4) community income and expenditures. The results will be used as baseline data to be able to evaluate the impacts of programme interventions and also to support the Forest Management Unit’s planning process.

Prior to the survey FORCLIME facilitated a training for the eleven enumerators from NGOs and local universities who are conducting the interviews. Participants were introduced to the theory of socio-economic baseline surveys and the concept of monitoring well-being using the Nested Sphere of Poverty (NESP) approach developed by CIFOR and already used by GIZ for several surveys in the past. The training also covered sampling and interview techniques, understanding the content of the questionnaire and how to organise the field work. In a simulation exercise the enumerators conducted interviews with each other using the questionnaire.

The socio-economic survey will be conducted in the following four sub-districts of Berau: Segah (8 villages), Kelay (5 villages), Sambaliung (1 village) and Teluk Bayur (2 villages). An international expert on socio economic surveying will visit several villages to collect additional data through in-depth interviews with community leaders and other key persons and will analyse the data collected by the enumerators.

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