The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre assists donor practitioners in more effectively addressing corruption challenges through their professional support. U4 serves development agencies, one of them being GTZ (Germany), by providing resources and services.

Through an extensive online resource centre, U4 guides users to relevant anti-corruption resources, including own applied research (Themes). The work is communicated through a searchable database of projects and initiatives. Furthermore a Help Desk service is offered and online as well as in-country training on anti-corruption measures and strategies for partner agencies and their counterparts are provided for U4 partner agencies.

In their latest newsletter (, the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre presents three Expert Answers from the U4 Helpdesk on questions regarding REDD related corruption in Indonesia.

  • Technical assistance in the field of integrity of carbon reduction incentives mechanisms

Experience with incentive based interventions indicates that governance issues are critical to the success of such approaches in terms of reducing carbon emissions. But these mechanisms face major corruption challenges.

  • Corruption, auditing and carbon emission reduction schemes

The success of climate mitigation strategies will in part depend on addressing governance challenges. There are major corruption risks associated with carbon emissions reduction schemes such as REDD.

  • Corruption training for judges applied to emission reduction mechanisms

Climate mitigation strategies have created a need for technical capacity development at national and sub-national levels. There is a consensus among experts that the strategies will not succeed unless the governance and corruption challenges they pose are effectively addressed.

The Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin is responsible for the U4 Help Desk and a great variety from academic institutions, NGOs, consultancies and international organizations give regularly inputs to U4 Expert Answers.

The U4 Resource Centre is operated by the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway - a private social science research foundation working on issues of development and human rights.

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