Project Goal and Objectives

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Vegetation Survey 4
Vegetation Survey 4
Project Goal and Objectives

The overall goal of the project focuses on contribution of sustainable management of the natural resources in Indonesia particularly in peat lands and the reforestation of degraded peat lands in South Sumatra.

However, this directly depends on the emergence of a good framework conditions and joint development measures from a number of the stakeholders. The Minister for Forestry, the Governor and the Regent will be a decisive factor in shaping future policies and strategies. It is some sort of general public perception that Illegal activities, such as illegal logging, forest encroachments, forest and land fires and  inappropriate forest or land use change, are not properly addressed on in this area.

More public awareness is needed to reduce these illegal activities through increasing public awareness on causes and effects of global warming on human activities and the environment. This means that,further steps are required to address these problems. In the meantime deforestation, illegal logging and corruption continue to increase at a highly alarming rate.

Overall Project Objective

Contribute positively to the Sustainable Natural Resource Management (SNRM) in peat lands and reforestation of degraded peat lands in South Sumatra

Project Purpose

Protection of the last natural peat swamp in South Sumatra and its biodiversity.

Plan of Activities

In order to achieve the project purpose, a number of results and outputs must be delivered. For each single result this Annual Work Plan includes the activity, sub-activities, indicators, means of verification, responsibility, assumptions and remarks. Human and financial resources are estimated and summarized for all results and activities. The logical framework planning method was used throughout and a vertical logic is applied.

Where possible Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound indicators (SMART) are given to ease monitoring and evaluation.


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