MRPP Coordination and Synchronization with GoI, Line Agencies and Stakeholders

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Training Carbon Inventory Survey 11
Training Carbon Inventory Survey 11
MRPP Coordination and Synchronization with GoI, Line Agencies and Stakeholders

MRPP started in October 2008 and has clearly identified cooperation and co-ordination as one of the urgent needs to be addressed immediately. Partners had to be identified where co-ordination and co-operation were given a high priority during the identification. These partners are:

1. MoF in particular

2. Forest Research and Development Agency

3. Directorate General of Forest Protection and Conservation

4. Directorate General of Production Forest Management

5. Governor’s Office

6. Bupati MUBA’s Office

7. Universities

8. MUBA District Institutions

9. Forestry Services and Sections



12. Some NGOs and

13. other relevant donor assisted projects


All of these institutions have been visited, (with exception of the other donor assisted projects), the MRPP programme was explained and our willingness to work closely underlined. The planning workshop endorsed a close co-ordination and co-operation between stakeholders and showed a high willingness to join efforts for fire prevention and suppression. The MRPP programme fits very well into the Government of Indonesia’s (GoI) priorities as well as to the vision of the provincial stakeholders. Further co-operation possibilities are constantly explored and analysed.

 On Septemebr 2009, The Regent of MUBA passed two decrees approving the MRPP project and establishing its Forest Management Unit (FMU).

On December 2009, Forestry Minister approved the Lalan FMU as a model Forest Management Unit for managing 265,953 Ha of various forest concessions and conservation areas.


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