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Project Planning

In order to achieve the project purpose, a number of results and outputs must be delivered. So far, four results were formulated, as follows:

  • Result 1: Identify, measure and monitor peat lands, forest carbon, biodiversity and rehabilitation area.

  • Result 2: Preparation of implementation of rehabilitation and develop management structure of peat lands area

  • Result 3: Integrated fire management and illegal activity measures are applied through community participation and sustainable natural resource  management

  • Result 4: Carbon trading and management concept are developed and promoted

For each single result and activities was designed which includes the activity, sub-activities, indicators, means of verification, assumptions and remarks. Human and financial resources are estimated and summarized for all results and activities. The logical framework planning method was used throughout and a vertical logic applied.

Where possible Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound indicators (SMART) is given to ease monitoring and evaluation.

MRPP had been using stakeholders participatory approach on planning its Annual Work Plan. Nearly all its 2009 activities had been implemented. As the result, MRPP had been praised for its implemented activities by the stakeholders.


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