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Biodiversity 12
Biodiversity 12
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Size and Location

The Merang Peat Dome Forest (MPDF) is located in Lalan Production Forest (Hutan Produksi Lalan) in Bayung Lencir Sub District of Musi Banyuasin District, South Sumatra Province. The size is about 150,000 Ha. The MPDF is part of larger peat swamp area which has link to Sembilang National Park in the eastern part, Muaro Jambi peat swamp forest in the northern part (adjacent to Jambi Province) and Berbak national park in the North West. The dome is located precisely between Medak and Kepayang rivers.


The nearest village to the MPDF is Muara Merang Vilage. The distance from Palembang to the village is about 225 km or about 4-5 hours by car and or boat. Rivers are main access for villagers to go to neighbouring villages, nearest small city, or to the forest. The nearest city is Bayung Lencir which is about 2 hours by boat. Some private companies (oil and oil palm plantation) had built some road networks to a nearby Bakung Sub-village.


The average annual rainfall in the area is 2454 mm. The average lowest monthly rainfall intensity is 85 mm in August and the average highest is 324 mm in November. Based on Oldeman climatic classification, the MPDF belongs to B1 zone, meaning that the area has sufficient rainfall intensity.






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