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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)

FORCLIME TC Module Jakarta Office

TC Module Jakarta
Georg Buchholz Georg Buchholz
Programme Director
Pipin Permadi Pipin Permadi
Adviser for Forest Policy and Strategic Planning

Wandojo Siswanto Wandojo Siswanto
Senior Adviser Forest & Climate Change Policy & Strategic Area Manager 1 (Policy)
Lutz Hofheinz Lutz Hofheinz
Senior Adviser on Forest Management Unit & Strategic Area Manager 2

Gatot Moeryanto Gatot Moeryanto
Senior Adviser for FMU and Forest management
Udi Tiyastoto Udi Tiyastoto
National Expert for Integrated Fire Management

Edy Marbyanto Edy Marbyanto
Senior Adviser on Human Capacity Development & Strategic Area manager 3
Robbie Weterings Robbie Weterings
Adviser for Geographical Information Systems

Mohammad Rayan Mohammad Rayan
Technical Adviser for Cross cutting issues and conflict management
Buan Gultom Buan Gultom
IT Adviser

Ratu Wina Widyawati Ratu Wina Widyawati
Programme Officer, Information and Knowledge Management
Stephanie Wegscheider Stephanie Wegscheider
Adviser for Geographical Information System

Johanna Riedmann Johanna Riedmann
Junior Advisor for Monitoring and Planning
Dadah Dadah
Accounting and IT Professional

Andri Hartanto
Personal Assistant to Programme Director
Fransisca Widiarti Fransisca Widiarti
Office Manager Jakarta

Neng Erlina Neng Erlina
Focal Point EH
Siti Amaliah
Contract and Procurement Officer

Ruhadi Ruhadi
Riyanto Riyanto

Agus Solihin Agus Solihin
Office Assistant

FORCLIME TC Module Samarinda Office

TC Module Samarinda

Technical Adviser for SFM & Climate Change, and Provincial Coordinator East Kalimantan
Rosdiana Rosdiana
Office Manager Joint Administration Office

Eko Soembodo Eko Soembodo
Project Assistant
Wahyu Saputra Wahyu Saputra
Project Assistant

FORCLIME TC Module Berau Office

TC Module Berau
Suprianto Suprianto
District Coordinator Berau and Technical Expert on Sustainable Forest Management

FORCLIME TC Module Putussibau Office

TC Module Putussibau
Klotilde Sikun Klotilde Sikun
Technical Adviser for Geographical Information System & Focal Point Sustainable Supply Chain
Stephan Kitzbichler Stephan Kitzbichler
Adviser for Agroforestry

Moritz Zetzmann Moritz Zetzmann
Adviser for Forest Management Unit
Petrus Derani Petrus Derani
Adviser for Community based Forest Management

FORCLIME TC Module Malinau Office

TC Module Malinau

FORCLIME TC Module Pontianak Office

TC Module Pontianak
Jumtani Jumtani
Provincial Coordinator West Kalimantan
Yuliana Suliyanti Yuliana Suliyanti
Technical Advisor for Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains

Sa'dyah Sa'dyah
Jr. Accounting Professional Sa'diyah

FORCLIME TC Module Palu Office

TC Module Palu
Ismet Khaeruddin Ismet Khaeruddin
Senior Adviser for Biodiversity Focal Point for the KFW Forest Program 3 & Provincial Coordinator Central Sulawesi
Erus Rusyadi Erus Rusyadi
Junior Technical Advisor

FORCLIME TC Module Tanjung Selor Office

TC Module Tanjung Selor
Mohammad Sidiq Mohammad Sidiq
Provincial Coordinator North Kalimantan