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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
 Technical Cooperation (TC Module)


Partnership scheme for tenurial conflict resolution in the forest management unit of Berau Barat

Kemitraan Tembalang Berau

October 2nd was the official date for the conclusion of a community tenure conflict resolution in the Forest Management Unit (KPH) of Berau Barat. It is marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement which establishes a partnership scheme between  a forest concession (PT. Inhutani I Labanan), the community of Tepian Buah Village and the KPH Berau Barat. The event was witnessed by the Head of the village, the Village Consultative Agency, the Head of Segah Sub-district and acknowledged by the Head of East Kalimantan Province Forestry Service. The partnership arranges the management of Tembalang waterfall in Tepian Buah village, which is situated in the area of KPH Berau Barat, formerly the working area of PT Inhutani 1. Because of its beauty and uniqueness, Tembalang waterfall became a tourist attraction in the village of Tepian Buah and has the potential to develop into an ecotourism object, next to providing environmental services. The partnership scheme aims to improve economic empowerment efforts and concludes the resolution of tenurial conflicts with the principle of partaking of roles, responsibilities and benefits. The cooperation also mentions the profit sharing of the partnership from the total net income, 30% for PT. Inhutani I Labanan, 60% for Tepian Buah village and 10% for KPH Berau Barat.

Up to now, GIZ has been providing assistance to KPH Berau Barat, including the resolving of community tenure conflicts around its working area.

For more information, please contact:
Suprianto, Technical Advisor for Forest Management Unit
Tunggul Butarbutar, East Kalimantan Provincial Coordinator
Lutz Hofheinz, Strategic Area Manager, Forest Management Unit

Created: Friday, 20 October 2017

Expert dialogue on decentralised forest management in Germany

study tour lh rw

From August 25th to 30th FORCLIME implemented an expert dialogue among foresters of Indonesia and Germany. Main target of this study tour was to demonstrate, explain and discuss tasks, structures and procedures of forest administrative units both on federal and provincial level on example of the German states of North-Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen. Among the participants of the trip were heads of provincial forest services in Kalimantan and Sulawesi as well as representatives of several directorates of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The agenda of the study tour included visits of several Forest Management Units (FMU) of the states as mentioned, two federal Ministries, the European Forest Institute and a National Park. Most impressive for all 14 participants was the degree of delegation of responsibilities and competencies to the administrative units on district level (e.g. FMU) and the restriction of federal and provincial ministries on issuance of indicatory guidelines and supervision of subordinated bodies.

For more details, please contact:
Lutz Hofheinz, Senior Adviser for Forest Management Unit
Pipin Permadi, Adviser for Forest Policy and Strategic Planning

Created: Thursday, 12 October 2017

Research results and innovations on forest products to improve forest management at KPH

Litbang inovasi

The Center of Research and Development on Forest Products of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry conducted an event to disseminate its research results and innovations on forest products on 15 August at its campus in Bogor. The event, supported by FORCLIME, aimed to share and disseminate the Center’s knowledge and innovations to show potential usage for improving sustainable forestry. The event was attended by 30 participants, which represented Forest Management Units (KPH) and Provincial Forestry Services from FORCLIME working areas (West, East and North Kalimantan, and Central Sulawesi). The participants had the opportunity to visit the Center’s facilities and to get to know the Center’s various research areas.

The event showed clearly that research results can lead to the implementation of innovations which strengthen and improve forest resource management in the Forest Management Units (KPH).

For more information, please contact:
Wandojo Siswanto, Strategic Area Manager for Forest Policy
Pipin Permadi, National Program Coordinator
Mohamad Rayan, Advisor Crosscutting Issues and Conflict Resolution

Created: Friday, 06 October 2017