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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme
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 Forests and Climate Change Programme


FORCLIME Malinau conducted a GIS Training from 4th till 6th of July for technical staff of the District Mining and Energy Service and Plantation Service. Participants were supported in developing basic GIS skills to be used later for Micro-hydro power assessment and Cocoa Inventories (within the framework of FORCLIME component 3).

The training was developed and led by FORCLIME GIS advisers Pak Budi Susanto and Mr. Timo Beiermann. The objective is to provide more flexible options for training basic practical skills not adressed by other trainings yet. The training can be conducted on the spot and provides basic skills to participants who have never worked with ArcGIS before.  In theoretical lessons and practical exercises participants get in touch with a technology which is essential for managing natural resources. Participants are trained in GPS handling, georeferencing of analogue maps, generating and editing spatial data sets, and creating layouts.  Environmental agencies in the District highly appreciate the training as it increases the capacity of field staff in environmental monitoring in a district nearly the size of the Netherlands.

The enthusiasm and interest of the participants was not compromised by occasional power failure and limited air conditioning facilities. Participants stated that they were looking forward to applying their newly acquired skills and getting the opportunity for attending further GIS trainings.

For more information, please contact:
budi.susanto@giz.de or timo.beiermann@giz.de


The programme's overall objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the forest sector while improving the livelihoods of Indonesia's poor rural communities. To achieve this goal, the programme team will assist the Indonesian  government  to  design  and  implement  legal, policy  and  institutional  reforms  for  the conservation  and sustainable management of forests, at local, provincial and national level. Support to REDD+ demonstration activities is a key feature of the programme, providing decision-makers with experience of how REDD+ can be implemented "on the ground"

FORCLIME's Assistance

  • Advice  on  strategy  development  for  REDD+  and  forest development at national, provincial and district levels
  • Technical  advice  on  a  framework  for  the implementation of REDD+ demonstration activities at various levels, including participatory land use planning and forest zoning
  • Innovative design of mechanisms and regulations for district-based  REDD+ initiatives
  • Facilitation of monitoring, reporting and verification
  • Support to forestry administration reform processes such as the establishment of forest management units and related monitoring and inspectorate systems
  • Support to nature conservation and benefit  sharing within the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative
  • Development of payment for environmental services schemes to support sustainable livelihoods in rural areas
  • Capacity building for sustainable forest management and nature conservation
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Financial Cooperation (FC)

The government of Germany commissioned KfW for financial and GIZ for technical support of FORCLIME. REDD demonstration activities financed by KfW are – together with other initiatives (i.e. AusAID; TNC; WWF) – among the first REDD "on the ground projects" in Indonesia (and worldwide). The REDD pilots are meant to demonstrate that local development, sustainable forest management, biodiversity conservation and climate protection go hand-in-hand.


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Technical Cooperation (TC)

GIZ works with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on national policy and sector strategies, to gear these strategies towards the requirements of emission reductions. Effective stakeholder participation is a critical success factor in all planning and strategy development processes.


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The Ministry of Environment and Forestry prepares competency standards for technical staff for sustainable production forest management