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Workshop on article writing using popular language for lecturers (Widyaiswara) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry

The Centre for Education and Training of Human Resources at Ministry of Environment and Forestry (HR Training Center of MoEF) in collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME conducted a training on “Writing Popular Langue Articles for Widyaiswara (lecturers)” on 19-21 April 2016 in Bogor. The training was aimed at improving the writing skills of Widyaiswara using popular language which can also be understood by lay persons and be pubblished in newspapers or magazines. The three-days training workshop, in which 15 people from the MoEF HR Training Centre and the Center for Education and Training on Environment and Forestry in Bogor participated, was facilitated by Harry Suryadi, a professional journalist for environmental issues.

Knowledge the participants obtained during the training includes: (1) free writing, as an exercise to get used to writing itself; (2) different article types in media; (3) key points when writing for print media; (4) methods for developing writing frameworks; and (5) good sentence structure. During the last session of the training, participants formulated an action plan to write articles and publish them in the media. Two months after the training, participants will attend an online tutorial (via email) sent by the facilitator Harry Suryadi. It is expected that by the end of June 2016, training participants will have written and published articles in national media. Additionally, there will be a meeting between the Silvika Bulletin Editorial Team (produced by the HR Training Center of MoEF) and Harry Suryadi to receive inputs on how to improve the Silvika bulletin.

In his closing speech, the Head of Training and Human Resources of MoEF expressed his expectations towards participants to follow-up on the workshop and to publish articles which promote their ideas and opinions and, at the same time, advertise the Human Resource Training Center of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

For further information, please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager Human Capacity Development

The Production FMU Malinau initiates coordination meeting with local stakeholders

The Production Forest Management Unit (FMU-P) of Malinau organized a coordination meeting with local stakeholders from the District on 10 May. The meeting was aimed to establish synergies among the actors and so improving effective forest management within the area of FMU-P Malinau. Additionally, the participants discussed the natural resources potentials of the FMU. The meeting that was conducted in collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME is a follow-up based on the Circular Letter of the Directorate General for Sustainable Forest Management (No. S-169 / SFM / KPHP / 2/2016) on ‘Coordination and Synergies for Forest Management’.

During his speech the Head of the Malinau District Forestry Service, Fren Tommy, expressed his hopes to establish good cooperation between FMU-P Malinau and concession holders, in oder to ensure the sustainability of forest utilization and functions within the administrative area of FMU-P Malinau.

For further information, please contact:

Ali Mustofa, Technical Advisor for CBFM development
Suprianto, Technical Advisor for FMU development

FMU Berau Barat coordinates synergies with its partners

The management of the Production Forest Management Unit (FMUP) Model Berau Barat conducted a coordination meeting with its partners on 14 April 2016 in Tanjung Redeb, Berau, East Kalimantan. The objective of the meeting was to obtain information on activities implemented by both FMUP Berau Barat and its partners, and to synergize the activities of partners with the management plan of FMUP Berau Barat, including opportunities for cooperation within the 2016 work plan. Besides FORCLIME, other partners of FMUP Berau Barat include local NGOs (the Wallacea Integrated Operations, Bestari, Menapak, Payau-payau, Kanopi), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and the REDD+ Working Group of Berau District. This meeting was held by FMUP Berau Barat in cooperation with GIZ FORCLIME.

During his speech, the Head of FMUP Berau Barat, Armilan Saidi S.Hut, MP., recalled the vision and mission of FMUP Berau Barat to optimize potentials for environmental services and non-timber forest products, such as wild honey, herbal tea (tea mangar) and swallow’s nests collection. These non-timber forest products can benefit both FMUP Berau Barat itself and the communities in its surrounding.

FORCLIME’s supports to FMUP Berau Barat include enhancement of human resources and institutional capacities, development of a business plan, anticipation of early warning systems and prevention of forest and land fires, land tenure conflict resolution, and preparation for forest reference emission levels (FREL).

In the future, this meeting will be held periodically in order to enable better coordination and synergies between FMUP Berau Barat and its partners, and to achieve the vision and mission of FMUP Berau Barat as an independent institution for sustainable forest management.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi: 
Alfan Subekti, Strategic Area Manager FMU development, Samarinda 
Suprianto, Technical Advisor for FMU development, Berau 
Budi Susanto, Technical Adviser (GIS) Berau


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