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The Forestry Service of Malinau District initiates a coordination meeting to discuss the RAD-GRK strategic plan of North Kalimantan

The Forestry Service of Malinau District conducted a coordination meeting with the district’s Climate Change Working Group on March 22. The meeting, which took place at the Malinau District Government office, was conducted in collaboration with FORCLIME Technical and Financial Cooperation. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the draft decree to establish a Technical Team for Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) in the district. In addition, participants of the meeting also discussed the development strategy of the Regional Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Reduction (RAD-GRK) for North Kalimantan Province. The meeting involved the Provincial Government of North Kalimantan, Malinau District Government, representatives of the Forest Management Unit (FMU) Malinau, as well as other organizations with activities in Malinau such as WWF, FORCLIME TC and FC.

As a result of the coordination meeting, it was agreed to establish a communication protocol between the district and provincial technical teams associated with the preparation of the RAD-GRK.

For further information, please contact:
Ali Mustofa, Technical Adviser, Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) ;

Stakeholders of West Kalimantan province provide their views on the draft law on Natural Resources Conservation and its Ecosystems

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (KLHK) and the Government of West Kalimantan Province invited key stakeholders of the province to participate in public consultations on the draft revision of Law No. 5/1990 on Natural Resources Conservation and its Ecosystems. The event, which took place from 21-22 March 2016 in Pontianak, was organized by KLHK in cooperation with the Provincial Government of West Kalimantan, the Community Forestry Communication Forum (FKKM), WWF-Indonesia, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Indonesia, Yayasan Titian, and GIZ-FORCLIME.

During the consultations, the Minister's Special Adviser on Inter-Institutional Relations at KLHK, Ilyas Asaad, explained that "efforts to revise Law 5/1990 had already been initiated in 2003. Later, a multi-stakeholder writing team was formed to facilitate revision of the law". This team has produced an academic paper and a draft revision of Law 5/1990 on Biodiversity Conservation and its Ecosystems. In addition, the team has conducted a series of public consultations in several regions, such as: Java (Jakarta), Sumatra (Medan), Sulawesi (Makassar) and Papua (Jayapura).

Since Law no. 5/1990 had first been issued 26 years ago, Indonesia has undergone many developments. Therefore the law needs to be updated in order to accommodate for changed practices in natural resource conservation and management, in particular regarding community participation and the integration of local wisdom. In addition, the old legislation does not yet include genetic resources as a potential of biodiversity, which has to be managed as the object of conservation.

For further information, please contact:
Ismet Khaeruddin, Strategic Area Manager, Biodiversity and Management of Protected Areas, FORCLIME
Hayunieta, BKSDA Kalimantan Barat
Albertus Tjiu, WWF-Indonesia

Final workshop to support the revision of the guideline for forest management inventory on FMU level

On March 16-17, 2016 GIZ FORCLIME supported the Directorate for Forest Resource Inventory and Monitoring (IPSDH) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) in conducting the final workshop of a series of workshops on the revision of the guideline for forest management inventories on FMU level. More than 40 forestry experts from MoEF, universities, FMUs, FAO and GIZ came together for a two-day workshop full of intensive plenary and group work discussions. The experts provided final inputs for a new ‘minimum standard for forest management inventories’ compiled by GIZ FORCLIME and ForestEye consultants from the University of Goettingen, Germany.

On the first day, ForestEye Dr. Lutz Fehrmann from the University of Goettingen presented the draft minimum standard. Representatives from three Technical Implementation Units (Balai Pemantapan Kawasan Hutan – BPKH) of DG of Forestry Planning and Environmental Management (Planologi Kehutanan dan Tata Lingkungan) who are currently in charge of implementing forest inventories on FMU level presented their experiences from the field including challenges in implementation and further suggestions for improvement. IPSDH gave an overview about the regulatory framework related to forest inventories. The second day was dedicated to further in-depth discussions in four working groups on sampling design, implementation, inventory data management and complex data compilation such as socio-economic, ecological, biodiversity and other data.

As next step, the inputs from the workshop, especially the results from the working group discussions, will be incorporated in the draft minimum standard. Ultimately in April 2016 the minimum standard will be handed over to IPSDH as GIZ FORCLIME’s contribution to IPSDH’s final compilation of the revised guideline for forest inventories on FMU level which is expected to be endorsed in 2017.

For further information please contact:
Tobias Goedde, Strategic Area Manager for Sustainable Forest Management


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