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Improving capacity of the lecturers of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to write scientific papers

training karya ilmiah Widyaiswara

The Human Resources Training Center of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Pusdiklat KLHK) in cooperation with FORCLIME held a Workshop on Writing Scientific Papers on 5 - 6 July 2017 in Bogor. The workshop aimed to increase the skills and capacity of lecturers (Widyaiswara) in writing scientific papers. The workshop was attended by 52 participants and facilitated by resource persons from the Bogor Agricultural University and the State Administration Institute (LAN).

In the opening remarks, the Head of Pusdiklat KLHK emphasized that Widyaiswara’s goal is to develop professionalism and specialization, which includes preparing scientific papers in accordance with the LAN regulation of year 2016. Writing scientific papers is a highly-valued indicator of professional competence as it serves as a medium for Widyaiswara to disseminate ideas and knowledge.

During the workshops, participants gained knowledge related to the writing of scientific papers that included the assessment policy of scientific papers for Widyaiswara; the development of Widyaiswara professions; Techniques and practices of writing scientific papers.

For more information, please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager for Human Capacity Development
Ganjar Muldian, Pusdiklat KLHK

First 2017 coordination meeting held by Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve Forum

cagar biosfer 2 1

The Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve Forum held a coordination meeting on 6 July at the Provincial Planning Bureau office in Palu, Central Sulawesi. As the forum has been inactive since its establishment in 2011, this first coordination meeting marks the beginning of strategic planning and possible advances for the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve.  During the meeting, 73 representatives of the forum members discussed on common understandings about the possible benefits and consequences of Lore Lindu being declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1977. In addition, they discussed a work plan for the remaining months of 2017 and public relations matters such as branding a logo.

The coordination meeting was attended by the Deputy of Life Science of Indonesian Science Institute (LIPI), the Head of the National Committee of MAB Programme UNESCO Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati, and the Director of Conservation Areas Planning and Information of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Listya Kusumawardhani.

For more information, please contact:
Ismet Khaeruddin, Senior Adviser for Biodiversity and focal point for the KfW-Forest Programme III Sulawesi

Assessment of management effectiveness of conservation areas in West Kalimantan

The Management of Betung Kerihun and Danau Sentarum National Parks (BBTNBKDS) invited stakeholders related to the National Parks to conduct an effectiveness assessment of conservation area management using the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tools (METT) on 12 – 15 June, in Putussibau, West Kalimantan. Facilitators of the workshop were Mr Ahmad Munawir (Ministry of Environment and Forestry) and Dr. Ismet Khaeruddin (FORCLIME).

The workshop showed the overall success of conservation management in West Kalimantan. The management effectiveness of both National Parks in question increased clearly in the last two years. The METT result for Betung Kerihun National Park increased from 58% (2015) to 69% (2017), just as the METT result for Danau Sentarum National Park increased from 70% (2015) to 75% (2017).

METT aims to report progress on management effectiveness, originally it has been developed to help track and monitor progress in the achievement of the World Bank/WWF Alliance worldwide protected area management effectiveness target. METT has been used globally in over 100 countries, including Indonesia - where it has been applied since 2006.

For more information, please contact:
Jumtani – Provincial Coordinator, Advisor for SFM and Value Chains
Ismet Khaeruddin, Senior Adviser for Biodiversity


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