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Basic GIS Training for Technical Staff of Malinau Local Government


Trainers of GIZ FORCLIME, WWF and the District Planning Agency of Malinau  jointly conducted a Basic GIS training from 11th to 18th July for technical staff of the local government. The participants will use their newly acquired skills for surveys in the district and support to environmental monitoring. The training was led by Budi Susanto (GIZ-FORCLIME) and supported by Febriyanto Kolanus (WWF), Timo Beiermann (GIZ-FORCLIME) and Risman (Bappeda) . Participants got familiarized with the new ArcGIS 10 software and had the opportunity of learning new methods for fast and systematic data editing. The training also comprised GPS handling, georeferencing of analogue maps and creating layouts.

The training allowed participants from environmental agencies, the forestry, mining and plantation sectors skills teached included GPS handling, the whole infrastructure of Malinau City was subject of keen investigators.  Further georeferecing of analogue maps, generating and editing  and finally create a layout of some results. Plan is to proceed with further advanced trainings and expert meetings to subject of spatial data and thematic mapping,  e.g. for finding solution for reference problems caused by different standards of Ministries/ Surveyors which lead to conflicts in case of concession holders and protected forest areas or finalising update of rivernetwork which is critical also for customary land boundaries and is always getting a little bit lost in day-to-day business. I had the chance to discuss with Environmental Agency responsible about Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (Amdal) about spatial data for environmental modelling and information about customary land use after having a look in an  example.

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Timo Beiermann or Budi Susanto


Closing Ceremony of the Equator Expedition


The Minister of Forestry,  Zulkifli Hasan, and the Special Army General Commander, Wisnu Bawa Tenaya, along with the Military Commander of Kalimantan Region, Subekti, attended the closing ceremony of the Equator Expedition 2012 in Long Alango, Bahau Hulu sub district of Malinau district on 16 July 2012. They were welcomed with traditional dancing and conferred the customary title as custodians of the forest by the Customary Chief of Bahau Hulu, Anyi Apuy. In his speech, the Minister said that forests are important for the livelihood of Dayak communities and criticized the forestry policy of the past which allowed mismanagement and caused damage to their forest by granting concessions. Minister Zulkifli Hasan pointed out that the Government of Indonesia undertakes to improve forest management by issuing the Moratorium in 2011 and involving the communities in forest management through social forestry schemes like the ‘Hutan Desa’ concept.

The Regent of Malinau, Yansen TP, and Chief of Malinau Indigenous Forum, Martin Labo, also participated and delivered presentations. Martin Labo explained about the collaborative management of Kayan Mentarang National Park with stakeholders such as the local government, local communities, national park management, and NGO. The Regent emphasized in his speech the conditions in Malinau especially in remote sub-districts adjacent to Malaysia. He explained that the legal status of the area makes development difficult since most of the area is surrounded by protected forest and national park. The Minister took initiative by inviting the Regent and related stakeholders to discuss about the development in border areas including infrastructure across forest areas. He also promised to visit Malinau again in September for further discussions.

FORCLIME team members from Malinau were invited and attended the ceremony.


First Basic GIS Short-Training in DPMU FORCLIME Office Malinau conducted


FORCLIME Malinau conducted a GIS Training from 4th till 6th of July for technical staff of the District Mining and Energy Service and Plantation Service. Participants were supported in developing basic GIS skills to be used later for Micro-hydro power assessment and Cocoa Inventories (within the framework of FORCLIME component 3).

The training was developed and led by FORCLIME GIS advisers Pak Budi Susanto and Mr. Timo Beiermann. The objective is to provide more flexible options for training basic practical skills not adressed by other trainings yet. The training can be conducted on the spot and provides basic skills to participants who have never worked with ArcGIS before.  In theoretical lessons and practical exercises participants get in touch with a technology which is essential for managing natural resources. Participants are trained in GPS handling, georeferencing of analogue maps, generating and editing spatial data sets, and creating layouts.  Environmental agencies in the District highly appreciate the training as it increases the capacity of field staff in environmental monitoring in a district nearly the size of the Netherlands.

The enthusiasm and interest of the participants was not compromised by occasional power failure and limited air conditioning facilities. Participants stated that they were looking forward to applying their newly acquired skills and getting the opportunity for attending further GIS trainings.

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