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FORCLIME presents at the IndoGreen Forestry Expo 4 – 7 April 2013

The IndoGreen Forestry Expo is a special annual forestry event hosted by the Ministry of Forestry. This year’s expo was held on 4 to 7 April 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center. FORCLIME, for the first time, was present with its own booth located inside the Ministry of Forestry booth complex.

Special attraction and centerpiece of FORCLIME’s booth was a huge touch screen where visitors could obtain information about FORCLIME’s activities implemented in its three pilot districts, namely Malinau and Berau (East Kalimantan) and Kapuas Hulu (West Kalimantan). Among the visitors to the booth were some high ranking officials from the Ministry of Forestry, namely Secretary General, Director General of Forestry Business Development, Director General of Watershed Management and Social Forestry, Director General of Forestry Human Resources Development, and some of the directors from the technical units in the Ministry of Forestry.

On 4 April FORCLIME conducted a talkshow on the topic of Community Empowerment. Panelists included Saleh Waang, the Head of Setulang village in Malinau, East Kalimantan, Edy Marbyanto from GIZ FORCLIME and Diah Rahardjo from the Multi-stakeholders Forestry Programme (MFP). The head of Setulang village shared his experience about the importance of the forest to the Dayak Kenyah in Setulang village where their life depends on the presence of the protection forest (tane olen). Edy Marbyanto explained the role of FORCLIME in facilitating the process of Setulang village to obtain a permit for managing its forest through the Village Forest (Hutan Desa) scheme.

Fostering commitment to make FMU a reality

A Plenary Meeting of the National Secretariat for FMU Development was held on Friday, 8 March 2013 chaired by the Director General of Forestry Planning, Ir. Bambang Soepijanto, MM. The meeting was also attended by Echelon 1 and 2 officials as members of the Secretariat’s Steering Committee and Executive Committee, respectively. The National Secretariat for FMU Development - in short "Seknas KPH" - has been supported by FORCLIME starting from the concept development to its establishment process and operation.

As Chairman of the Executive Committee, Ir. Is Mugiono, MM., Director of Area Management and Preparation of Forest Area Utilization (WP3H) - Directorate General of Forestry Planning, presented the progress of implementation of the National Secretariat to the plenary meeting. The members of the National Secretariat acknowledged the 2013 Work Plan of the National Secretariat for FMU Development presented by its Executive Secretary Dr. Agus Setyarso.

Following the presentations participants, which included representatives from Bappenas and the Ministry of Home Affairs, discussed progress and declared their commitment for the success of FMU development and its operation. The “Seknas” meeting was the first Plenary Meeting held in 2013. It can be considered as a sign of a new chapter for mobilizing support from the Echelon 1 in the process of FMU development and its operation.

Minister visits FORCLIME-supported agroforestry demonstration plot


Malinau, Lidung Keminci. On 21 February the Minister of Disadvantaged Regions Ir. H. A. A Helmy Faisal Zaini was welcomed amidst great festivities and traditional dances to Lidung Keminci in the District of Malinau, East Kalimantan. The Minister is travelling to the districts in remote areas and border regions in order to get into personal contact with the local people. One stop on his tour was a local farmer’s plantation of successional agroforestry which had been established in 2011 with support of the FORCLIME Programme as a demonstration plot for sustainable cocoa production.

The Minister expressed his support for the Bupati of Malinau Dr. Drs. Yansen T.P. MSc. in his plans to further develop the sustainable cocoa production in the District, in line with the government’s target to become the world’s leading cocoa producer. He also mentioned the importance of improving the processing sector of agricultural products.

Furthermore, Ir. H. A Helmy Faisal Zaini announced that the Ministry of Development of Disadvantaged Regions will spend more than 13 billion IDR for the improvement of the road infrastructure in the district of Malinau in 2013. As in 2012, the Ministry of Development of Disadvantaged Regions will again spend 2 billion IDR for the support of the farmers with the distribution of rubber tree seeds, artificial fertilizer and pesticides in 2013. The government also plans to support the farmers with harvesting and processing the rubber in three years to ensure a good quality.

During his visit the Minister and his delegation engaged in a lively debate with representatives of the government and parliament of Malinau District, the religious and customary leaders, producer organisations and the Member of the National Parliament from Malinau about the future orientation of public support in the agriculture sector.



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