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Berau Baseline Study of Green Economy Investments in 2012

On February 20th 2014, FORCLIME in collaboration with the Forestry Service in Berau organized a focus group discussion (FGD) with various district stakeholders to present the preliminary outcomes of a study on “investments into Green Economy in Berau in 2012”.

This FGD is a follow up meeting after the first FGD in January, which served as an introduction to Green Economy and to inform about the purpose of the survey. In the meantime, data has been collected from relevant district agencies as well as from (local and international) NGOs and private sector stakeholders.

The expected results of the FGD are:  
•    A shared understanding of the Green Economy concept, taking into account local interpretations and understandings;
•    A presentation of data collected so far;
•    A discussion about follow up action, aiming at the internalization of this baseline of Green Economy into the district planning, and the formulation of priorities of development towards a district-based Green Economy.

For further information, please contact:
Heinz Terhorst, Strategic Area Manager for integration conservation and development (Green Economy)

Value Chain Training in Berau

From 17th to 21st of February 2014, FORCLIME with the support of PT Damar Jabis is conducting a training on “value chains and rapid market assessment” for the commodities rattan, agarwood, rubber and cacao in Berau district. Participants in the training are 25 representatives from various stakeholder groups such as producers, Forest Management Unit (FMU) personnel, NGOs, district government authorities, farmers and traders.

The expected results from the training are:

  • 25 local partners (farmers, traders, FMU, NGOs and relevant district government institutions) as well as FORCLIME district staff have been trained in value chain and rapid market assessment.
  • Training participants successfully conducted a field assignment on value chains and rapid market assessment.
  • Secondary and primary data collection regarding production volume and quality, technology of production and post-harvest processes, location, number of beneficiaries, production and market chains, as well as government support for selected NTFPs and agricultural commodities are identified.      
  • Value chain maps and rapid market assessments of selected NTFPs and agricultural commodities in Berau district are elaborated.
  • Priority NTFPs and agricultural products for Berau district are selected.
  • A set of recommendations is developed which addresses the following topics: Improvement of volume, quality standards, sustainability and profitability of priority NTFPs and agricultural commodity production, improved technology, production and marketing strategies, institutional and government policy presented to district authorities.  

For further information, please contact:
Heinz Terhorst, Strategic Area Manager for integration conservation and development (Green Economy)

Two villages supported by FORCLIME obtain their forest management permits

Dua desa dukungan FORCLIME dapat izin mengelola hutan

The Director General of Social Forestry, Haryadi Himawan, representing the Indonesian Minister of Forestry, handed over the Minister of Forestry Decree on the establishment of Village Forest (Hutan Desa) working areas in Kapuas Hulu during an official visit on 22 January. Eight villages received the Hutan Desa permit signed by the Minister of Forestry, namely Nanga Betung, Sri Wangi, Nanga Jemah, Tanjung, Ujung Said, Penepian Raya, Nanga Lauk, Menua Sadap. Based on this decree on Hutan Desa establishment, local communities now have the legal basis to manage their forests.

Among the villages receiving the license to manage their forests are two villages – Nanga Lauk and Manua Sadap – that are supported by FORCLIME together with the local non-governmental organization KABAN. FORCLIME and KABAN have been assisting these two villages already since the preparation stage for their Hutan Desa proposal; which included the mapping of proposed forest working areas to be managed by the communities through the Hutan Desa scheme.

For further information on FORCLIME’s activities related to community-based forest management, please contact:
Ali Mustofa, Thematic Coordinator for Community Empowerment


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