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Two villages supported by FORCLIME obtain their forest management permits

Dua desa dukungan FORCLIME dapat izin mengelola hutan

The Director General of Social Forestry, Haryadi Himawan, representing the Indonesian Minister of Forestry, handed over the Minister of Forestry Decree on the establishment of Village Forest (Hutan Desa) working areas in Kapuas Hulu during an official visit on 22 January. Eight villages received the Hutan Desa permit signed by the Minister of Forestry, namely Nanga Betung, Sri Wangi, Nanga Jemah, Tanjung, Ujung Said, Penepian Raya, Nanga Lauk, Menua Sadap. Based on this decree on Hutan Desa establishment, local communities now have the legal basis to manage their forests.

Among the villages receiving the license to manage their forests are two villages – Nanga Lauk and Manua Sadap – that are supported by FORCLIME together with the local non-governmental organization KABAN. FORCLIME and KABAN have been assisting these two villages already since the preparation stage for their Hutan Desa proposal; which included the mapping of proposed forest working areas to be managed by the communities through the Hutan Desa scheme.

For further information on FORCLIME’s activities related to community-based forest management, please contact:
Ali Mustofa, Thematic Coordinator for Community Empowerment

FORCLIME presents at the Danau Sentarum – Betung Kerihun Festival

Danau Sentarum festival 2013

FORCLIME presented its activities at the annual “Danau Sentarum – Betung Kerihun Festival” which took place in Lanjak and Danau Sentarum National Park on 12 - 15 December 2013. The event was opened by the Governor of West Kalimantan and witnessed by the Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, as well as the Bupati and other high-level government officials of Kapuas Hulu District.

The FORCLIME booth was collaboratively presented by FORCLIME technical and financial cooperation (GIZ and KfW), as well as the District Forest Service of Kapuas Hulu. During the exhibition, information about the FORCLIME’s implementation activities was provided to the visitors and different stakeholders in Kapuas Hulu and its surroundings.

Kapuas Hulu is one of FORCLIME’s pilot districts where implementation activities take place. The district has two national parks, Danau Sentarum (132,000 ha) and Betung Kerihun (800,000 ha). As protected areas, these national parks have major functions for biodiversity conservation and the protection of life support systems. Since 2011, the district government of Kapuas Hulu (through the District Tourism Service Disbudpar) and national park authorities have been collaborating to conduct together the annual tourism festival “Danau Sentarum – Betung Krihun Festival” which aims to highlight the importance of these two conservation areas.

For more information about FORCLIME implementation activities in Kapuas Hulu, please contact:
Ismet Khaerudin, Senior Adviser for Biodiversity and Management of Protected Areas
Franz-Fabian Bellot, Development Adviser for GIS

Village Forest becomes part of Setulang Tourism Village

Desa Wisata Setulang

With the sound of the traditional gong and the signature of Malinau’s Regent Yansen TP, the ceremonial inauguration of Setulang as a “Tourism Village” has officially been completed.
Setulang is one of the villages in North Kalimantan, Malinau District which still owns well-conserved forests, due to forest management based on local wisdom (Tane'olen). In Setulang, a forest area of 4,330 ha has been determined by the Ministry of Forestry through SK.526/Menhut-II/2013 on 25 July 2013 to become part of the community-based forest management scheme called “Village Forest” or Hutan Desa in Indonesian.
With the Village Forest certificate, the people of Setulang community – organized through the Tane’ olen Community Board – are now allowed to manage and supervise their forests. Being located approximate to the district’s capital, the sustainable Tane’olen forest management practices of Setulang may be promoted as part of its newly established Tourism Village status to attract visitors who are interested in experiencing the typical characteristics of Kalimantan’s tropical rainforests.

Together with the Malinau District Forestry Service, FORCLIME has been assisting the Setulang community in developing their Village Forest proposal, in particular by supporting capacity building activities of Tane’olen Community Board members. This institution is expected to be able to manage the forest Setulang wisely and sustainably.

For more information about FORCLIME’s activities in Setulang village, please contact:
Ali Mustofa, Thematic Leader for Community Empowerment


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