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FORCLIME ground-truthing inventory

Between October 2012 and April 2013, the FORCLIME Berau team conducted a ground-truthing inventory in the Forest Management Unit (FMU) Berau Barat in East Kalimantan. The inventory was carried out together with students from the Berau Agriculture college, STIPER, and from the Samarinda based Mulawarman University (UNMUL), as well as many people from local villages.

The objective of this specialised inventory was to collect field data from the forest, which will be used to  develop a biomass model to estimate CO2 emissions generated from forest degradation (caused by logging operations). Forest degradation is a very important yet seldom accurately quantified source of CO2 emissions.
In combination with Remote Sensing Data like LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and Satellite Imagery, the Biomass data will be spatially extrapolated to the whole FMU area. The results of forest degradation estimations will contribute to defining a carbon emission baseline for the FMU Berau Barat with high accuracy.

For more details, please contact:
Manuel Haas
Development Adviser for Forest Management

FORCLIME expert crowned Environmental Ambassador 2013 of West Kalimantan

Ms. Klothilde Sikun, expert with GIZ FORCLIME from Kapuas Hulu District, has won the regional competition, held from 1 to 3 May in Pontianak, to become Environmental Ambassador 2013 of West Kalimantan province.  The competition is one of the efforts of the government to raise awareness among young people about the importance of environmental management and protection. During the questions and answers session Ms. Sikun focused on four topics: forests and biodiversity, participatory mapping, climate change and community livelihood. These are issues that have been the focus of FORCLIME activities in the pilot districts, one of which is Kapuas Hulu.

The competition at the province level featured 27 finalists from 13 districts in West Kalimantan Province. Every district was represented by a male and a female contendant, apart from one district which only sent one representative.  With Ms. Sikun as finalist from Kapuas Hulu the district made it into the top ten finalists at the province level for the first time. The Head of Kapuas Hulu Environmental Agency, Dini Ardianto, expressed his appreciation of Ms. Sikun representing the district and succeeding at the highest level to become the West Kalimantan Environmental Ambassador for 2013.

Congratulations Klothilde! This is the result of your hard work and great efforts to promote FORCLIME's agenda and activities in Kapuas Hulu district.

FORCLIME Steering Committee Meeting

The annual Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting of FORCLIME was held on Friday 26 April 2013, chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry (MoF), Dr. Hadi Daryanto. During the PSC meeting, both the Technical Cooperation (TC) and Financial Cooperation (FC) module presented their progress reports 2012 and their annual work plans for 2013. The meeting was attended by the PSC members, representatives from the GIZ and KfW Indonesia offices, the Programme’s management board and advisers of the TC and FC modules.

The PSC meeting endorsed the Annual Work Plans of both modules. Additionally, the PSC members including Dr. Basah Hernowo from BAPPENAS witnessed the signing ceremony of the Implementation Agreement for the Phase-2 of the Technical Cooperation (TC module). Signatories of the document were the Secretary General of the MoF, Dr. Hadi Daryanto, the Deputy Country Director of GIZ, Mr. Ralf Sanftenberg, the Head of the Planning Bureau of MoF, Mr. Helmi Basalamah, and the FORCLIME (TC) Programme Director, Mr. Rolf Krezdorn.


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