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Center of Forestry Education and Training (CFET) contributes to international discussions at world largest E-Learning Conference

E-learning conference berlin

CFET-Director Dr. Agus Justianto and Head of Training Planning Section, Erfan N. Yulian and FORCLIME Adviser for Human Capacity Development Anne-Cathrin Vonarx attended the ONLINE EDUCA in Berlin. From 3rd to 5th of December 2014 they share their experiences with implementation of E-Learning with organizations from various countries all around the world. Beside discovering new digital innovations to enhance learning the CFET and FORCLIME representatives attend the GIZ E-Learning Academy workshop. Together with partners from Philippines, Argentina and Georgia to name only a few they discussed how a future, global platform from GIZ on Capacity Development for E-Learning could be look like. This event was also used to set up of collaborations with other training organizations using E-Learning technologies. As a result of that the Center of Forestry Education and Training discusses possibilities for a cooperation with the Open University of Philippines.

ONLINE EDUCA brought together 2,332 delegates from 100 countries, 330 speakers and 81 exhibitors. It focused on the future learning scenarios and the opportunity that the variety of technology supported learning brings. Dr. Agus Justianto was especially interested in 3D virtual learning environments: “Gamification. That is one of the new learning concepts I will bring to Indonesia. It could a great tool for our trainees to experience challenges within the Forests Management Units”. Anne-Cathrin Vonarx added: “The new technology provides tools which involve the learners creativity and intrinsic motivation. To guarantee a more sustainable acquisition of competencies, training organizations, like CFET, are taking up the challenge to develop new ways of learning. And GIZ FORCLIME is glad to support these efforts”. Moreover the E-Learning Conference was also an inspiring learning environment, with Discovery Demos, LAB Sessions, Spotlight stage, In-depth talks and Debates to name a few. Video of important sessions and keynotes can be found here:

For further information please contact:
Anne-Cathrin Vonarx, Adviser for Human Capacity Development

FORCLIME supports training on Participatory Conservation Planning in Manua Sadap Village

PCP article

To improve the understanding of villagers on the importance of biodiversity conservation at community level the management of village forest management board (LPHD) of Batang Kanyau and and GIZ FORCLIME conducted a training on participatory conservation planning on 28-29 January 2015 in Mataso, Kapuas Hulu district. In addition to the members of LPHD, participants of the training included representatives from the forest management unit (KPH Model) of Kapuas Hulu, FORCLIME-FC and Betung Kerihun National Park. The training was also aimed to build an understanding of the importance of identifying conservation targets within village forest of Manua Sadap. This village has received rights to manage its forest of 1,395 Ha referring to the Ministry of Forestry decree No.61/Menhut-II/2014.

The training process revealed that community has local wisdom related to the sustainable of natural utilization, in the Iban language the word conservation is synonym with para which means to maintain in order to be able to yield. This makes it easier for participants to understand the concept of conservation. In the training participants also obtained information about the conservation targets, conditions and threats, managing strategy, relevant stakeholders and measuring the successes.

To follow up the training, the Board of LPHD Batang Kanyau will disseminate information regarding conservation targets and village regulation on hunting activity. During his closing speech, the Customary Leader expressed his appreciation of the training that has strengthened the understanding of natural resources management as an important aspect in community life and the need to regulate it as an important measure to ensure sustainability for the future.

For more information, please contact:
Ismet Khaeruddin, Strategic Area Manager for Biodiversity and Management of Protected Area
Karlina Kartika, Technical Adviser for CBFM

The Center of Forestry Education and Training develops e-learning

Pusdiklat Kehutanan kembangkan e-learning

The Center of Forestry Education and Training (CFET) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has the target to train 41,800 people over the next five years. This number is three times higher than the target achieved during the period of 2009-2014. One of the strategies to meet this objective is through e-learning, which means learning by using electronic media.

To introduce e-learning to the existing teaching materials at CFET, GIZ/ AIZ facilitated a workshop for 25 participants from CFET and other Forestry Training Agencies on 11-12 December 2014 in Bogor. The Head of the Planning and Forestry Human Resource Development Department (BP2SDMK) was present at the event and appreciated the development of the e-learning programme initiated by CFET and GIZ FORCLIME. He also expressed his commitment to support the e-learning programme, including financial support for various activities through budget sharing mechanisms with FORCLIME.

An advanced workshop which will be held in February 2015 to follow up on the workshop and finalize the training materials as well as to design an online system for e-learning.Also, in close collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME, CFET has already drafted self-learning training materials to be used during the celebration of Forester Day in March 2015.

For more information, please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager for Human Capacity Development
Anne-Cathrin Vonarx, Adviser for Human Capacity Development


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