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Setulang becomes the first village in North Kalimantan with full forest management rights

Hutan Desa Setulang 2

The Governor of North Kalimantan issued a decree on forest management rights for the Tane Olen village forest in July. The Tane Olen Setulang village forest, which is located in the Malinau district, North Kalimantan, obtained the underlying license covering 4,415Ha from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2014.

The governor's decree stipulates that the village forest board is required to follow the work plan and annual forest management plan, which was prepared together with relevant local government work units. It is prohibited to transfer the management rights to other parties, in addition, changing the forest status and its function from protected forest.

The village forest management work plan of Tane Olen Setulang includes protection and sustainable landscape-based management through promoting the non-timber forest products, environmental services and ecotourism activities.

Tane Olen Setulang was proposed to be managed as village forest in April 2011 with supports from the Forest Service of Malinau district and FORCLIME. This village forest can be used as an example for other areas in North Kalimantan with regard to forest management while maintaining the culture and protecting forests for the benefit of community. Currently, Setulang is the only village that has obtained the full forest management right in North Kalimantan.

For further information, please contact:
Ali Mustofa, Advisor, Community Based Forest Management
Tunggul Butarbutar, Strategic Area Manager, Forest Management Unit development

Training on standard operating procedure development for the Forest Management Unit

Training SOP

The Provincial Forestry Service of East Kalimantan in collaboration with FORCLIME conducted a training on preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the management of Forest Management Unit (KPH) on 3-4 August 2016 in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. The purpose of the training was to assist KPH managers in preparing required SOPs in order to strengthen the administration of KPH in managing, monitoring and supervising the KPH operations. Participants of the training were representatives of KPHs in East Kalimantan province, in addition to KPHs in West and North Kalimantan (KPH Kapuas Hulu and KPH Malinau).

The participants gained knowledge related to concepts and principles, the importance of having SOPs and how to prepare them. At the end of the training, participants were requested to identify and develop SOPs draft, which further will be completed.

The Head of Provincial Forestry Service, Wahyu Widhi Heranata, said the importance of well-organized and standardized management for achieving sustainable forest management, then SOPs play an important role to support it.

For further information, please contact:

Tunggul Butarbutar, Strategic Area Manager for Forest Management Unit (FMU) development

Suprianto, Technical Advisor for FMU development

FORCLIME supports training on preparation of land use map development in Setulang, North Kalimantan

set map02

The Malinau Forestry Service and the Production Forest Management Unit (KPHP) in Malinau conducted a training for village officials and members of village forest management unit to enhance their capacity in making maps related to forest management. 17 people attended the training that carried out on 25 to 30 July 2016 in Setulang village in Malinau District, North Kalimantan.

On the training, participants improved their knowledge on how to use a compass, GPS and clinometer. Moreover, they also enhanced their capacity in field data collection and analysis. In addition, participants created a 3-dimensional map of Setulang village area.

The Head of Setulang Village, Saleh Wang, said that he will establish a survey team for mapping Setulang natural resources, such as clean water sources, existing community’s plantation, etc. Budget estimation to carry out the survey will be submitted to the village budget plan in 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Ali Mustofa, Adviser, Community Based Forest Management


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