Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

In March 2016, the Center for Education and Training of Environment and Forestry (LHK Training Center) in Bogor conducted a two-day workshop on the preparation of standardized teaching materials for forest management targeted at young professional foresters. The workshop that was carried out in collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME aimed to set teaching material standards for the young professional forester programme of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, named Bakti Rimbawan. The programme, which recruits fresh graduate foresters to be assigned at Forest Management Units (FMU) throughout Indonesia, aims to fulfil the needs of technical personnel in the FMUs. The young foresters may also be assigned at the local forestry services to assist with the implementation of forest management in the field.

During the workshop several resource persons, such as the Head of FMU Rinjani Barat and the technical directorates of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry relevant to the FMU development, provided their insights and inputs regarding the prepared teaching materials.

Up to early 2016, roughly 600 young foresters that graduated from university and the vocational forestry schools were recruited through the Bakti Rimbawan programme and are now assigned at the FMUs or at the local forestry institutions.

For more information please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager, Human Capacity Development
Suherdi, staff of LHK Training Center, Ministry of Environment and Forestry


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