Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

The Production Forest Management Unit (FMU-P) of Malinau organized a coordination meeting with local stakeholders from the District on 10 May. The meeting was aimed to establish synergies among the actors and so improving effective forest management within the area of FMU-P Malinau. Additionally, the participants discussed the natural resources potentials of the FMU. The meeting that was conducted in collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME is a follow-up based on the Circular Letter of the Directorate General for Sustainable Forest Management (No. S-169 / SFM / KPHP / 2/2016) on ‘Coordination and Synergies for Forest Management’.

During his speech the Head of the Malinau District Forestry Service, Fren Tommy, expressed his hopes to establish good cooperation between FMU-P Malinau and concession holders, in oder to ensure the sustainability of forest utilization and functions within the administrative area of FMU-P Malinau.

For further information, please contact:

Ali Mustofa, Technical Advisor for CBFM development
Suprianto, Technical Advisor for FMU development


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