Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

The Indonesian government has initiated various policies and measures to prevent and combat corruption, and increase integrity and
transparency within the government apparatus and sectors. An MoU and action plan 2015-2016 between the KPK and the line ministries and subnational governments defines a
series of concrete measures to fight corruption and achieve greater transparency in the forest sector by 1) accelerating forest area gazettement & uniform land use planning, 2) revising licensing, 3) expanding of community forest management schemes and 4) establishing an anti-corruption control system.

Successful anticorruption measures require detailed know-how among GIZ staff on processes, actors and the institutional knowledge on how corruption works and how corrupt actors think. During a two day training workshop on 16-17 June 2015, 25 participants from the GIZ programmes Forests and Climate Change (FORCLIME), Biodiversity and Climate Change (BIOCLIME), Green Economy and Locally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (GE-LAMA-I) and the Preventing and Combating Corruption (PCC) have been trained in the Anticorruption WORKS advisory tool with support from two trainers from Denkmodell Consultants. Resource persons from the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the National Forest Council (DKN) and the PCC programme explained the legal and institutional basis for corruption prevention, assessed the risks for corruption in the Indonesian forest sector and explained the cooperation between KPK and forest sector stakeholders (ministries, local governments, civil society) to prevent corruption.

The training raised awareness and enhanced the knowledge of GIZ experts on anticorruption and integrity. Participants learned how to identify major corruption risks in the forestry sector and developed a strategy to tackle them. The training is also the basis for GIZ staff to develop AC-related advisory offers for their national partners in the areas of forest sector reform, land use planning, CBFM and anticorruption control systems.

For further information please contact Mathias Bertram (Strategic Area Manager Forest Policy):


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