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With the aim to improve the capacities of Forest Management Unit (KPH) staff, the Forestry Training Centre (BDK) of Bogor in collaboration with GIZ FORCLIME organized a workshop for preparing a curriculum for conducting training related to community empowerment on 28-29 January 2015 in Bogor. BDK aims to develop a curriculum community empowerment training in accordance with the needs on the ground and the Indonesian National Competence Standard. The workshop was attended by 20 representatives of officials and trainers of the BDK Bogor. To enhance the understanding of the participants on the implementation of community empowerment programme on the ground, Ali Mustofa, one of FORCLIME Advisers for community-base forest management shared his experience in assisting village forest development in districts of Malinau (North Kalimantan) and Kapuas Hulu (West Kalimantan).

Participants have identified competencies that need to be acquired by KPH staff with regard to community development, such as: institutional management, entrepreneurship and area management. To follow up the workshop, participants agreed that: (1) The developed draft competence will be consulted with community empowerment experts; (2) Need to conduct field visit to KPHs for cross checking the competencies list with the reality at the field; and (3) Following points 1 and 2, a draft curriculum for the community development training will be submitted to the Center for Forestry Training and Education for endorsement.

For more information, please contact:
Edy Marbyanto, Strategic Area Manager for Human Capacity Development
Ali Mustofa, Adviser for Community-based forest management


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