Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

Today from afternoon until evening, here, at the BKSDA Office in Pontianak, a lot of action took place, many people appeared, mainly fellows from NGOs, including WWF and Titian Foundation, as well as media representatives.

orang_utan_babyThe reason for this extraordinary happening was the arrest of a salesman of wild animals for illegal trade of a 6 month old male Orangutan baby this afternoon. The sale of the Orangutan to a fellow of an NGO with potential buyers from Jakarta was planned long time before. The negotiation process between them had been going on intensively for 2 weeks until an initial transaction agreement was reached on last Friday, which then was cancelled and postponed to today. As result of a very good coordination and collaboration between NGOs, SPORCE, and the police, the salesman was arrested at the end along with one Orangutan baby as evidence.

I saw that the Orangutan was in healthy condition, and just recently (this evening), a veterinarian came to check its health. Several people say that this is the first time a direct (red-handed) arrest was made against illegal trading of orangutan in West Kalimantan.

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