Cooperation - Republic of Indonesia and Federal Republic of Germany

FORCLIME TC Module Jakarta Office

TC Module Jakarta
Georg Buchholz Georg Buchholz
Programme Director
Pipin Permadi Pipin Permadi
Senior Adviser, Forest Policy and Strategic Planning

Wandojo Wandojo S
Strategic Area Manager, Forest Policy
Toias Goedde Tobias Goedde
Strategic Area Manager, Sustainable Forest Management

Edy Marbyanto Edy Marbyanto
Strategic Area Manager, Human Capacity Development
based at CFET, Bogor
Christian Staiss Christian Staiss
Development Adviser (HCD), Bogor

Mohammad Rayan Mohammad Rayan
Senior Adviser, Communication, Knowledge Management, M&E
Ratu Wina Widyawati Ratu Wina Widyawati
Adviser, Information/Knowledge Management

Stephanie Wegscheider Stephanie Wegscheider, Development Advisor GIS/Remote Sensing Jakarta office Dadah Dadah
Administrative Professional, Accounting and IT

Neng Erlina Neng Erlina,
Personal Assistant to Programme Director
Fransisca Widiarti Fransisca Widiarti,
Senior Administrator

Sadiyah Sa'dyah,
Accounting Assistant
Ruhadi Ruhadi

Riyanto Riyanto
Agus Solihin Agus Solihin
Office Assistant

FORCLIME TC Module Samarinda Office

TC Module Samarinda
Tunggul Butar Butar Tunggul Butar Butar
Strategic Area Manager, FMU Development
Rosdiana Rusdyana
Office Manager

Eko Soembodo Eko Soembodo
Administrative Assistant
Wahyu Saputra Wahyu Saputra
Office Assistant

FORCLIME TC Module Berau Office

TC Module Berau
Suprianto Suprianto,
Junior Expert

FORCLIME TC Module Kapuas Hulu Office

TC Module Putussibau
Ismet Khaerudin Ismet Khaerudin
Strategic Area Manager, Biodiversity and Management of Protected Areas
Klotilde Sikun Klotilde Sikun
Adviser, Geographic Information Systems

Karl Jaeger Karl Jaeger
Development Adviser for CBFM

FORCLIME TC Module Malinau Office

TC Module Malinau
Dr. Regine Brandt Dr. Regine Brandt
Advisor for Agroforestry in Malinau
Robbie Weterings Robbie Weterings (Ph.D)
Development Advisor - GIS Specialist

FORCLIME FC Module Birocan

FC Module Birocan
Ir. Helmi Basalamah, MM Ir. Helmi Basalamah, MM
Head of Planning Bureau as Programme Executing Agency
Ir. Thomas T.A. Nifinluri, M.Sc Ir. Thomas T.A. Nifinluri, M.Sc
Deputy Director Planning and Program, Planning Bureau as Coordinator Administration Program Forclime FC


FC Module NPMU
Ir. Basoeki Karyaatmadja, M.Sc Ir. Basoeki Karyaatmadja, M.Sc
Programme Team Leader
IGNN Sutedja IGNN Sutedja, MM
REDD+ Programme Implementation Expert for Kapuas Hulu area

Ir. Harri Kuswondho Ir. Harri Kuswondho
REDD+ Programme Implementation Expert for Berau and Malinau area
Diyana Diningsih, SE, MBA Diyana Diningsih, SE, MBA
Administration and Finance Expert

Prabu Satria Sejati, S.Hut. M.Si. M.Sc. Prabu Satria Sejati, S.Hut. M.Si. M.Sc.
Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting (MER), Publication and Dissemination Expert
Timothy Ramos Siahaan, SE Timothy Ramos Siahaan, SE
Administration and Finance Staff for Kapuas Hulu area

Ilham Nuryanto, SE Ilham Nuryanto, SE
Administration and Finance Staff for Berau area
M. Reza Adrian, SE M. Reza Adrian, SE
Administration and Finance Staff for Malinau area

Sri Muhayah Sri Muhayah
Office Assistant


FC Module DPMU Berau
Ahmad Syaukani Ahmad Syaukani
DA Manager

FORCLIME FC Module DPMU Kapuas Hulu

FC Module DPMU Kapuas Hulu
Indra Kumara Indra Kumara
PPK / Ketua DPMU


FC Module DPMU Malinau
Abdul Majid Abdul Majid


FC Module GFA
stephen devenish Stephen Charles Devenish
Chief Technical Advisor
Agus Widiyarto Agus Widiyarto
Programme Facilitator

s. Wahyu M.Widarini Wahyu M.Widarini
Financial Administration Expert
Agus Heriyanto Agus Heriyanto
District Facilitator Berau

Andy Erman Andy Erman
District Facililator Kapuas Hulu
Ramses Iwan Rames Iwan
District Facilitator Malinau


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